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NMEA Multifunction Tester



NMEA0183 MULTI TESTER is the first choice of testing instrument for the communication and navigation maintenance engineers in ship industry. It has four main functions:

1、 NMEA0183 data detection: any device's NMEA0183 digital signal (RS-232 or RS-422 or TTL level) can be detected, on the LCD screen can directly display all kinds of statement information.

2、 the NMEA0183 data signal generator: digital signal can simulate all kinds of ship navigation equipment produced; for example: GPS navigation information, sounding depth information and temperature information, log information, log 200 pulse signal, gyro compass, magnetic compass information information, meteorological instrument wind information, AIS ship information and radar tracking the target data information, automatic tracking information, rudder rudder angle etc..

3、 NMEA0183 signal waveform detection: is a small oscilloscope, testing NMEA0183 signal waveform amplitude, data pulse width, etc..

4、 beacon detection: can detect the ship VDR beacon working state, to determine when the ship is in distress, the beacon can effectively send 37.5KHZ positioning signal.

This instrument is a low voltage testing equipment, it is a special test instrument for NMEA0183 signal. It can not be used as the measurement of high voltage over 36 volts.

LCD display:                 3.5 inch COG screen, visible under the sun;

Pen:                        red, black 1.2 meters;

Battery:                     Lithium ion battery 3.7V 2200mAh, can work for 8 hours;

Charger:                     5V/2A AC adapter, Micro-USB charging line;

Baud Rate:                   2400 - 115200 nine optional;

Input Signal:                  RS-232 format, RS-422 format, TTL level format;

Output Format:                RS-232 format, RS-422 format, 200 pulse;

Beacon Frequency:             37.5KHZ;

Contrast:                     it can be adjusted at 5 levels;

Amplitude:                    + / - 15V;

Working Temperature:           - 20 degrees  ~  70 degrees;

Working Humidity:              relative humidity is less than 95%;

Weight:                       600g;

Size:                          205mm X 100 mm X 35 mm;

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