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Satellite compass

Satellite Compass(SC-210)

Satellite Compass(SC-210)

SC-210 satellite compass uses advanced COMPASS (Beidou)+GPS+GLONASS carrier phase receiving technology to obtain high-precision position and heading information by comparison. Combining with electronic gyroscope and electronic magnetic compass technology, it can effectively prevent the defects of various single technology. This machine integrates GPS+GLONASS dual receiving board or Beidou+GPS dual system receiving board, in-phase measurement antenna, electronic gyro, electronic magnetic compass, processor and so on. It has high accuracy, simple installation and convenient use. At present, it is the only bow generator with high all-weather performance-price ratio.

  • Receiving type: L1, C/A  

  • Channel: receive 12 channel at the same time

  • Heading update rate:  10Hz

  • Positioning accuracy: DGPS < 0.5m

  • Orientation accuracy: < 0.3 degree RMS

  • Pitch accuracy: < 1 degree RMS

  • Start-up time: < 60s

  • Heading lock time: < 20s

  • Re-capture time: <1s, support SBAS

  • Electrical Standard: IEC61108-4

  • Interface: RS-232; RS-422

  • Baud rate: 4800-38400

  • Communication protocol: IEC-61162-1

  • Data format: NMEA 0183

  • Sensor size: 680mm *160mm *166mm

  • Weight: 2.5kg

  • Host power/data interface: 6 pins

  • Operating temperature: - 32 C~74 C

  • Storage temperature: -40 C~85 C

  • Humidity: 100% non-condensation

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